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Don’t Quit!! There’s Strength to be Found.

Strength“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

— Martin Luther King, Jr.

Yesterday we remembered a man who knew what it meant to stand when all around him seemed to be falling…to walk, when most were frozen…to act when the world just seemed to want to hide.  We remember a man who changed the world.  Rev. King knew that real leadership shows its true character not when things were going well, but during the difficult times.

With no trials strength is not forged.  We all have times when we, in moments of questioning self-reflection, wonder why we do what we do.  Let me remind you:

  • because of the ones you love
  • because of your deepest belief in the human spirit
  • because someone believes in you
  • because of your passion
  • because of your desire to help others
  • because of your convictions
  • because of your faith
  • because of your calling
  • because you can’t stand still
  • because if not you then who?

It’s in the times of difficulty that our leadership is tested and proved.  Don’t despise them.

Leave the Ordinary Behind!


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So You’re Well on Your Way to Becoming a Big Picture Thinker

newyearnewyouIn our January 7th article of Leave the Ordinary Behind we looked at the importance of developing “Big Picture Thinking” (BPT); and we suggested you begin that journey by asking this crucial question of yourself…

What do I want more of in my life?

So I’m assuming you took a few minutes sometime during the last week to explore this question, and hopefully you came up with an answer or two.  So now what?

Now that you’ve identified one or two important goals for yourself (remember, the urgent is rarely important, and the important is rarely urgent) you have to answer two more questions.


Have you wondered why it’s so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of daily living.  Why it’s so easy to be consumed by the urgent, to the exclusion of the important.  It’s a pretty simple answer actually.  It’s because you spend all of your brain power thinking about the “what” and the “how”, and never ask “Why?”.  Listen we all have those times in our lives when we just feel stuck.  We may not be moving backward, but we sure aren’t moving forward.  The quickest way to get unstuck is to remember “why” we do what we do.  Hate your job?  Then remember “why” you have the job (security for your family, shelter, food, maybe a vacation every now and then).  The “why” is empowering.  The “why” is inspiring.  The “what” is routine, but the “why” is motivating.  So once you determine what you want more of in your life, then ask yourself, “Why?”.

Are the things I’m doing now going to get me more of what I want later?

Some of the most frustrated people that I’ve ever worked with are the ones that know what they want, but don’t want to do what it takes to get it.  Are you one of those ordinary people?  Do you want to be ordinary, or do you want to leave the ordinary behind…forsake the good in pursuit of the best?  If you want a shot at having more of what you want in 2015, then it starts by doing the things you have to do to get it now.  Things like establishing the correct mindset, increasing personal awareness, developing self-discipline, and growing in knowledge and understanding.

Let me help

So here’s my call to action:  stop putting it off, and begin to answer these questions today.  Write them downPray about it.  Talk to your family and closest friends about it.  Then reach out to me. What I do with my clients is help them through this process, and support them every step of the way in their journey to get more of what they want.  I believe in this process so much that I’ll give you the first coaching session free, and when you walk away you’ll have your 2015 action plan.  And then, if you see value in a continued coaching relationship I’ll continue to walk with you through the year until we celebrate success and victory.  I can’t wait to get started, so call/email/text/IM…

Here’s to an exciting 2015!!

Leave the Ordinary Behind

— John


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The Most Important Question You can Answer in 2015

Yep, we’re in that time of year…you know, when we’re still convinced that we’ll keep our New Year’s resolutions.  But, give it another week or so and we’ll once again be able to find parking at the gym, if not at Burger King.

Resolutions universally aren’t very effective in creating life change.  Despite our best intentions we set them and break them as regularly as we turn the page on the calendar.  The question, however, is “Why?”  While the answer to that question can vary greatly from person to person, there is one main reason why most people fall short in this area:  the lack of “big picture thinking” (BPT).Think Big

BPT is a characteristic that you will want to develop this year if you’re a notorious resolution-breaker.  And I mean that figuratively as well as literally.  BPT lends perspective, and draws connections between actions and results.  Did you resolve last year to exercise more?  Did you?  If not, why?  Was it because working out more became just another item on a list of things to do everyday that eventually was prioritized out?  The problem for most of us is that we have more things to do than we have time.  This forces us to prioritize, and most of us prioritize based upon urgency.  Working out isn’t generally urgent so it gets knocked down (or off) the list.  Poof!!  So, what’s the solution?  Adopt a big picture way of prioritizing things that focuses on what’s important rather than what’s urgent.  Ask yourself this question…probably the most important question of 2015.

What do I want more of in 2015? 

What do you want more of personally, professionally, or spiritually?  In other words, if you could wave a magic wand and create the best “now” what would it look like.  This is BPT.  It not only lends perspective to what’s important , but also ties individual priorities into your vision of a happy and successful you.

Now I want you to visualize in your mind’s eye what that happy and successful “you” looks like.  Really.  Close your eyes, and see that “you” . This mental picture is important for it creates an anchor in your brain.  And, that anchor is what holds fast when the pace of your life tries to move you back to the urgent from the important.  It’s also what creates personal accountability and drive.

Do you want to see life change in 2015?  The first step is to  answer this question.

Leave the Ordinary Behind!

— John


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We at Actuate have the deepest desire to change that and make a positive difference in the lives of people by mentoring them in the pursuit of their dreams; coaching them in the accomplishment of their goals; ministering to their needs; and leading them in making a real difference in the lives of others.  God has always been so faithful in providing, not only for my family and my physical needs, but he’s also led amazing mentors into my own life, and  given me opportunity after opportunity to learn, grow, and develop.  Now it’s time to do that for others.

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